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Blade Nutrition launched at Supplement Central, Infinite Lab’s new line priced similar to direct

Blade Nutrition supplement line launches at Supplement Central

Infinite Lab’s new athlete based supplement line, Blade Nutrition has finally been released, or at least is now available. While the Dexter Jackson inspired product range is still listed as out of stock, or for Pre-Workout 1.0 in pre-order mode, on Blade’s official website. All six of the supplements, the three individuals BCAA Powder, Creapure, and L-Glutamine, and the three complex formulas Test Booster, Fat Burner, and Pre-Workout. Can currently be found and purchased at Supplement Central. The products have been priced with values similar to what can be seen on Blade Nutrition’s website, putting the three complex items all at $37.95, and the basics around $20. Except for the 50 serving BCAA which sits at $33.95. So for those of you who were eagerly awaiting the new Infinite series, be sure to drop by Supplement Central. And for those who placed pre-orders for Blade’s Pre-Workout 1.0, you will be pleased to know that the early bird opportunity didn’t cost you too much extra.

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