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Gamma Labs updating their energizer PTF, another new pre-workout to be excited about

Gamma Labs set to launch an updated version of PTF

At the moment Gamma Lab’s pre-workout supplement PTF is listed as out of stock on their official website. While a number of stores are still listing it as in stock, there is a reason as to why the energizing formula could become a bit difficult to find. Back in January Gamma hinted at the possibility of a new PTF tub coming, or perhaps even a new formula, which in their words could deliver ‘the most insane energy and pump you have ever felt in your entire life’. The brand then reignited the topic last week when they uploaded an image of a mystery product, saying that the unknown supplement was not another G Fuel flavor. After all the teases that may or may not be related, we can now tell you that Gamma Labs have in fact put together a new version of their pre-workout PTF. Currently there have been no details confirmed for it’s launch, contents, or even what the updated product is going to look like. However it is new and improved, which is likely to be more than enough to get their current and future fans attention.

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