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Fifth supplement stimulant free and stackable, #1 brand Giant Sports confirm Giant Pump

Giant Sports confirm the coming of their next supplement Giant Pump

Our 2013 brand of the year Giant Sports currently sit with a total of four supplements. Delicious Protein, the fat burner Dexamine, the pre-workout Metabolic Bioshock, and the two piece thermogenic formula that for now we are just going to say makes it four from four for the brand, ThyroTwin. With so few products and such a strong record of success, each supplement they release or even talk about releasing almost immediately turns heads. To make things even more interesting, with each new product Giant don’t appear to follow trends or movements in the industry, they tend to march to their own drum. So without further ado we are just going to give you the currently unofficial name of the top brand’s upcoming innovation, Giant Pump. Outside of the concept title all we can say is that powder has been confirmed as the form the formula will be produced in, and as you may have gathered from it’s name. It is going to be a pump supplement, stimulant free and stackable. More information is expected to be revealed in and around the Arnold Classic, but for now that is what we feel to be the perfect amount to get if not most, than at least us interested.

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