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Infinite One’s set of 23 individual formulas, Infinite Labs looking to help you mix your own

Infinite Lab's new basic 23 supplement individual Infinite One series

On top of the upcoming Blade Nutrition line for their star athlete Dexter the Blade Jackson. Infinite Labs have put together something that is actually quite different. Basically what they have done, or plan on launching is a set of individual formulas under the series name Infinite One. As it stands right now that list features a total of 23 supplements going from the common basics like caffeine, d-aspartic acid, and CarnoSyn beta-alanine, to some unique individuals like sweet potato powder, a vitamin B complex, and even the three BCAAs all separated. The idea is that you purchase however many of these products you would like to make up your own little concoction. Everyone of them appears to be unflavored without any fillers, so you only get what it says in the supplement’s title. Infinite have yet to put a release date on the Infinite One range, but based on the initial size of it. It will be interesting to see if nutrition retailers end up pushing the line, or Infinite Labs do it solo and sell it direct.

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