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AMP formulas followed by Amino Fusion, Lecheek reveal their next supplement release

Lecheek Nutrition reveal their next new supplement Amino Fusion

With their two AMP Citrate powered and title inspired formulas now out of the way and on the market, in AMPilean and AMPitropin. Lecheek Nutrition have revealed their next project set to hit shelves later this year, Amino Fusion. From the one image released of the supplement, as always Lecheek have put quite a bit of information on it’s face. Confirming 30 servings per tub, each packing what appears to be a complex weighing in at just under 7g, with one uniquely named flavor maui orange juice. While the Amino Fusion announcement has not been accompanied by a facts panel or contents list. We do feel that the 7g per serving listed is likely to be mainly made up of aminos, confirming a dose of the title feature that has to be less than 7g. Despite the lack of details as far as ingredients go, if you are a big fan of Lecheek Nutrition or even just amino products in general. The brand have put up a few beta testing opportunities for Amino Fusion through Supplement Reviews, Swoldiers, Pro Hormone Forums, and Anabolic Minds. As mentioned the supplement is expected to land sometime later this year, with our guess at around three or four months away.

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