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Intructory and educational Secret Sauce video, MuscleMeds updated pre-workout N.O. Bull XMT

MuscleMeds Secret Sauce video featuring the new NO Bull XMT

Even though MuscleMeds have already dropped word on more new supplements in the first two months of this year, than they did across the whole of last year. The surprises keep on coming, this time with what appears to be a reformulation of their pre-workout formula N.O. Bull. The confirmation of sorts has come via the brand’s new Secret Sauce YouTube upload, which is almost worth a post on it’s own. The video features MuscleMed’s star athlete the Predator Kai Greene along with a few others, going over the history, science, and power of the bio-active post-workout formula. While the clip goes on for almost six minutes, there isn’t really a point where you’ll lose interest. Especially since right at the end you will get a glimpse of the new N.O. Bull we mentioned above, NO Bull XMT. So far the short shot and narration of the product is all we have to go off, but for those keeping count that is now three new supplements from MuscleMeds, one new flavor, and two more innovations on their way.

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