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Power Test exclusively available at GNC, MuscleMeds new muscle builder not for everyone

MuscleMeds Power Test made exclusively available to GNC

MuscleMeds have managed to pack more action and news in to the past month, than they did for the entire year of 2013. We have seen the launch of Power Test, Phenbuterol, Carnivor Bars, peanut butter Carnivor, as well as the preview of the unique post-workout complex Secret Sauce. A lot of the supplements have had information uploaded and even been released quite quickly, with some details actually being left out, in particular Power Test. While it may have been almost an overnight launch, there is one thing about the muscle builder that we had to wait a bit before we found out. And that is that MuscleMeds have made Power Test exclusively available to GNC. Alternatively it can be purchased direct from the brand, but either way it does end up costing more than some may have wanted to pay for a DAA and HICA formula. If you want to go with MuscleMeds direct, they are listing the product at $89.99, and as for GNC, they have it at $74.99 or $69.99 for Gold Card holders. As mentioned either way it is reasonably expensive, up there in the price range of supplements like Cellucor’s P6 Black Extreme and one of our favorite muscle builders, Animal Test.

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