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Chocolate thunder Raging Bull Series Carnivor, MuscleMeds 1lb beef protein variant spotted

MuscleMeds never before seen Raging Bull Series Carnivor

The news just keeps coming from MuscleMeds, or at least this time what appears to be news with another unlisted product spotted in the wild. The supplement that has shown up looks to be a variant of the beef protein formula Carnivor, and a part of what is called the Raging Bull Series.

The highlights listed on the product’s face do suggest that it is a special edition Carnivor of sorts with a few bonus features. For starters it has a package size of 1lb, working out to be an estimated 12 servings, a never before seen gourmet sounding flavor with chocolate thunder, as well as a bonus 125mg dose of caffeine, presumably per serving. While we have no idea as to when the Raging Bull Series Carnivor is set to launch. We can direct you to where it might launch, the online supplement store Pro Source. One of the only places listing the MuscleMed’s product, and with a coming soon price of $16.50.

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