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Bioactive post-workout formula Secret Sauce, preview of MuscleMed’s new recovery activator

MuscleMeds preview another new supplement titled Secret Sauce

While MuscleMeds may have been teasing their fat burner Phenbuterol for some time. A supplement that came from out of no where Power Test, did end up beating it to the punch, hitting the brand’s website and currently going on sale in a number of stores. As the weight loss formula still sits in a state of unreleased, another product has also come out of nowhere. The title of the new supplement is Secret Sauce and from what we can see in it’s image it is a muscle growth & recovery activator. The one picture available lists a few contents highlights such as bioactive peptides, a leucine loaded 10:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, what appears to be a CRE3 creatine complex, and an iSpike reactive carb system. Due to the image quality we are not going to confirm any of the doses on each line, or the size of the tub, however we can make out pretty clearly the word ‘punch’, something we believe to be the flavor. If you would like a closer look at MuscleMed’s new formula check out their official website, as Secret Sauce does seem to already have it’s own product page.

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