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Breakthrough muscle builder coming Friday, Muscletech countdown to their mystery reveal

Muscletech's upcoming muscle builder set to change the industry

Last week Muscletech revealed that they had a supplement on it’s way that is set to be the most powerful muscle builder in sports nutrition history. The claim to us came off as way too confident, and also hinted that the veteran company could be going back to their old familiar ways. Before the arrival of what we believe to have changed the way people look at Muscletech, the brand’s now well established Performance Series. While the latest detail released for the upcoming product lists the same line that forced us to worry in the first place, ‘subjects gained 16lbs. of lean muscle in a 12-week clinical study’. It also lists that in 5 days ‘musclebuilding will change forever’, suggesting that everything may be confirmed this Friday. Coincidentally coinciding with day one of the 2014 Arnold Classic. The news does unfortunately still leave us with an exhausting wait of five days, however if the supplement is as ground breaking as Muscletech claim, it will be worth it.

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