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Facts panel for Pro Series Pro Complex, Optimum do more than just rebrand their protein

Facts panel for Optimum Nutrition's new Pro Series Pro Complex

Yesterday we featured the facts panel behind Optimum Nutrition’s Pro Series Pro Complex Gainer. Which basically dropped the word ‘Complex’ from it’s title, and that’s about it. Today we have the facts panel for the other current supplement that has been rebranded for the upcoming Pro Series, Pro Complex. Unlike Gainer, the new Complex has received a few minor tweaks, with some even going to it’s sizes and flavors. Starting with the nutrient details that have been modified, Pro Complex (rich milk chocolate) has kept on board it’s signature 60g of protein, increased it’s BCAA count to 15.5g, bumped up it’s cholesterol by 10mg, moved it’s fiber count down to zero, decreased it’s sodium by 20mg, and removed it’s forward facing highlight of 15 vitamins & minerals. The modifications for Pro Complex do continue right the way down the label to the ingredients section, where Optimum have almost made the same amount of changes. As for sizes of the updated Pro Complex the 2.3lb 14 serving and 4.6lb 28 serving, are expected to be replaced by a 1.68lb 10 serving and a 3.3lb 20 serving. Both of which are listed in just two flavors, rich milk chocolate and creamy vanilla, so far without the current offering strawberry swirl. To get a closer look and compare the past to the upcoming, we have uploaded the product’s fact panel below, including the other ingredients section.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Series Pro Complex facts panel
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