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Jennifer Nicole Lee joins the red and black attack, Pro Supps new iconic spokesperson announced

Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL signs on with Pro Supps

Iconic fitness model, best selling author, and celebrity trainer Jennifer Nicole Lee. A women who we have seen over the years represent a number of products and brands, has just signed on to a company that continues to grow, Pro Supps. The brand first hinted at the coming of their new athlete over the weekend, asking fans to take a guess at who the female spokesperson could be. The clues Pro Supps used did giveaway quite a bit, so much in fact that a couple of people did guess correctly. Lee, or more commonly known as, referred to, and branded as JNL. Has already begun to show support for her new supplement partner with giveaways, posts, videos, and has even taken over Pro Supps homepage background. If you would like to read a little more about JNL and her list of achievements. You can visit her official website or check out her profile in Pro Supps online athlete section.

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