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Redline White Heat and Fast 5 unveiled, contents for VPX’s latest innovations confirmed

Facts panel revealed for VPX Redline White Heat and Fast 5

VPX Sports are currently showing off all of their new supplements at this weekend’s Arnold Classic Expo, and in turn have made available the contents lists for two of their latest innovations. Starting off with the one we were only just introduced to, the pre-workout Redline White Heat. We can confirm packs a total of eight different ingredients, with highlights such as yohimbe, evodiamine, as well as AMP citrate. White Heat is set to separate itself from VPX’s other pre-workout products by delivering a more energizing experience, something you may gather from it’s full facts panel. The second supplement on the list is Fast 5, the one that made the rounds after being spotted in a recent family photograph. The product as it turns out is a multi-window supplement designed primarily as an intra-workout, and features a set of ingredients slightly more unique than that of Redline White Heat. While actual use will most definitely give a better insight, Fast 5 lists PeptoPro casein hydrolysate, VPX’s patent pending l-leucyl-l-isoleucine, 3g of BCAAs, and an mTOR amplification matrix. If you would like a full look at what’s inside the products, we have uploaded their facts panel below, with Redline White Heat up top, followed by Fast 5.

VPX Redline White Heat facts panel
VPX Fast 5 facts panel
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