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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with AI Sports, 35% off and a free green labeled supplement

AI Sports offering 35% discount on direct purchases

The supplement company that always comes through with a celebratory sale for almost every occasion, has done it once again today for St. Patrick’s Day. The brand is AI Sports, and the offer is 35% off when your total exceeds $35 after discount, with the coupon code ‘LUCKY35‘. To make the deal that much better and even more relevant, AI are going to throw in a free green labeled product. Which is likely to be a supplement from their range of basic formulas such as D-Aspartic Acid, Agmatine, or the item advertised Magic Matcha. It is also worth mentioning that AI are still building up to the launch of their new pre-workout Furious, a supplement that the brand are said to be throwing in samples of with direct purchases. While that was the case about two weeks ago, we aren’t exactly sure if AI are stilling doing the free Furious samples. However it is St. Patrick’s Day, so luck is on your side.

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