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Furious facts panel revealed, AI’s short and sweet pre-workout ready for March 31st

AI Sports reveal the formula behind their new pre-workout Furious

The facts panel for AI Sports new pre-workout Furious has finally arrived, revealing a fairly straightforward formula with a total of 12 different ingredients. Per tub the supplement packs 30 servings, each weighing in at 6.63g listing three transparently dosed ingredients and two blends. The three detailed features are CarnoSyn at 2g, taurine at 500mg, and grape seed extract at 300mg. As for the complexes, AI have included an electrolyte blend of potassium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium phosphate, and di-calcium phosphate. And a instigator matrix made up of (in order) tyrosine, caffeine, phenylethylamine HCl, hordenine, and Advantra Z citrus aurantium. If you would like to get a closer look at the product’s label, it has been uploaded to AI’s website. Where it is also listed with a price tag of $44.00, and an out of stock sign that is due to change on Monday the 31st.

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