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New pre-workout Furious available direct, AI Sports follow through on March 31st

AI Sports launch their new pre-workout Furious direct

AI Sports new pre-workout supplement Furious has been launched. As promised the brand have come through on their March 31st launch date delivering the product direct, on their official website. No additional details have surfaced with the release of the product, keeping the facts panel, three flavors, and previously listed price all the same. If you would like to invest in a 30 serving tub of Furious, as always the early bird opportunity isn’t worth it. With AI Sports and Furious, it is going to cost you $45, which at the moment we do not know how much that will change when it hits retailers. Just that it is very likely to lower to what we’re guessing to be around the $30 mark. If you do decide to purchase Furious direct, make sure you use the coupon code ‘MAR40‘ to get a free bottle of Magic Matcha for your $40+ order.

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