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Muscletest bottle halved to 90 capsules, new size for American Muscle’s #1 muscle builder

American Muscle confirm a 90 capsule Muscletest

American Muscle’s rather expensive, but well worth it muscle builder Muscletest. Is currently only available in a full month maximum size bottle, of 180 capsules. On the regular or lowest suggested serving of four capsules a day, the supplement will see you through about a month and a half. You will however want to push the product to the limit, or at least that’s what we did ending up with Muscletest as our most recommended muscle builder. For those that may have a little trouble investing in the full 180 count bottle, and maybe want a taste or just something slightly cheaper. American Muscle have announced that on it’s way to stockists is a 90 capsule Muscletest. The supplement’s new variant will definitely be enough to give you a preview of it’s power, a lot more than the usual trial sizes that last a week or less. The price point of the 50% bottle obviously isn’t going to be as cost effective as the regular 180 capsule. However it should be enough to tempt those on the fence, or attract those after a taste.

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