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Pre-workout Havok gets restimulated, American Muscle update their energizer for 2014

American Muscle reformulate their pre-workout Havok

American Muscle have been out of the news for some time, but are now back with an updated version of their more concentrated pre-workout Havok. It was previously confirmed that the brand would be updating the supplement to make it more competitive with the top formulas of today. We can now tell you that Havok 2.0 has officially arrived, and with it has come the reformulated energizer’s facts panel. Basically what the brand have done is rework the entire product keeping only a few ingredients from the original, and repacking the pre-workout’s stimulant section with some of the category’s trending features. Starting with the first of the supplement’s two blends, the strength matrix, American Muscle have combined beta-alanine, agmatine, creatine MagnaPower, l-norvaline, and beet root. The second blend is where all the stimulants have been thrown with caffeine, AMP Citrate, higenamine, synephrine, rhodiola, and yohimbe bark extract. Per tub the brand have packed 30 servings, with three all new flavors, candy apple, grape, and lemon punch. As mentioned American Muscle have said the 2014 edition of Havok has arrived so expect it to be hitting retailers sometime soon. Until you get your hands on it, we have uploaded it’s full facts panel below further detailing the hierarchy of ingredients and weight of each blend.

American Muscle 2014 Havok facts panel
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