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Creature available in 120 serving 600g bag, Beast upsize their creatine for

Beast Sports Creature available in 600g bag at

While we don’t know the exact date this product was first made available, we do know that it is not on sale at all the usual stockists. The supplement is Creature from Beast Sports, a popular creatine formula that has now appeared in a double size variant. In most stores the product is listed in one 300g tub

with four flavors, cherry limeade, citrus, pink lemonade, and unflavored. Now available at is a 600g bag, featuring double the amount of servings the 300g volume packs at 120, with a total saving of about 10%. It does seem like all pretty good news, however there is one minor detail that may affect some people, and that is that 600g Creature only comes in citrus flavor. For those that care more about cost it won’t be a problem, but for those that are slightly more selective when it comes to flavors it’s citrus against $5.

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