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Magic Pudding instant mix protein dessert, Body’s new one of a kind launched direct

Body Nutrition launch their one of a kind Magic Pudding

When TruNutrition recently rebranded themselves as Body Nutrition. News of an upcoming supplement surfaced called Magic Pudding, which has now officially been launched. As it’s title states, the product is a unique pudding formula designed to deliver the power of the brand’s popular Trutein through an instant mix dessert. According to Body you simply scoop the powder into a bowl with 5 to 6oz of water, then mix for 30 seconds. The result is either a chocolate or vanilla caramel pudding packing 26/28g of protein (chocolate/vanilla), 15/13g of carbohydrates (6/4g sugar, 0.5/2g fiber), 2g of fat (1g saturated), and a total of 185/170 calories. While the form of the supplement is actually one of a kind, to help introduce the product Body Nutrition have it available direct for the same price as most other 2lb proteins. With a total of 25 50g servings per 2.75lb tub, Magic Pudding’s value is extremely tempting at $29.95. It’s even more attractive when you think about just grabbing a bottle or two as an investment for the occasional treat. As mentioned that price is an introductory special, so be sure to get in before it returns to it’s unknown regular price.

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