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Review of the mind accelerator Cannibal Genius, Chaos & Pain’s one of a kind cognitive enhancer

Review of Chaos and Pain's brain building supplement Cannibal Genius

Chaos and Pain first made themselves known early last year with a sneak peek, preview, than complete reveal of the contents in their first two supplements, Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Inferno. Both products after the initial launch quickly made their way into a lot of popular stockists, and were joined by two more equally powerful and well dosed formulas, Cannibal Swole and Cannibal Genius. While we are still sampling Swole, we have used Genius more than enough times to put together a review, to hopefully communicate just how different and worthwhile this supplement really is.

As per it’s title, Cannibal Genius has been designed as a ‘brain-building, cognitive enhancing, attention improving neural complex’. Of course measuring those effects is about as difficult as they sound to actually put in a product. Although we do feel it’s experience is very similar to it’s subtitle listings, with maybe a few things out of place and some reworded for our review.

Unlike pre-workouts or any other caffeinated stimulator, Genius does not have any sort of wake up kick or hard hit. It’s a very subtle sensation that moves in about 20 to 30 minutes after throwing back the supplement’s maximum of two capsules. Following that time you will notice a gradual increase in focus, that if you’re about to do any physical activity, acts as a centering. Where your mind blocks out things around you, really gets your head in the game, and puts you in the place you need to be to workout stress free and focused. Alternatively if you aren’t using Cannibal Genius for any kind of exercise, and popping the product for it’s other purposes listed such as reading, studying, or working. The experience is quite different, and from what we found a lot more beneficial.

While the 20 to 30 minute wait is still relatively the same, as well as the ability to center your focus on the task at hand. You will also notice a drastic thought process acceleration. When doing something that requires things like problem solving or creative thinking, ideas and connections begin to happen so quickly and accurately you know the supplement’s working. It’s quite difficult to explain, it’s almost like your mind expands and instead having to stop and think about this and that. Your head is already there, and as opposed to getting one or two, ideas or answers. Multiple solutions and possibilities are calculated, and calculated so promptly you get his urge to keep working and thinking. Which combined with the focus effect that has your attention set solely on what’s in front you. Makes the two to four hour experience both addictive, and unlike anything else we’ve seen.

Back when Chaos and Pain said they had a well dosed pre-workout and weight loss formula, it wasn’t anything we hadn’t heard before. When they said they had a well dosed pump product, it was something slightly less common, but nothing ground breaking. When they told us about Genius, a supplement to fire your IQ through the stratosphere, we had to try it and see for ourselves. Now after using the supplement, we can honestly say, it works and you need to grab a bottle. Whether you find yourself unfocused, or unproductive at work. Have an issue studying, or just want a product to accelerate your mind for a certain period of time, pick up Cannibal Genius. It’s runs for a little over $30, and with 45 two capsule servings. It has enough for you to use about two to three times a week, and last you around two months.

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