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Third Cannibal Ferox flavor on the way, Chaos & Pain confirm a second fat burner

Chaos and Pain confirm another fat burner and a third Cannibal Ferox flavor

Arguably the hardest working brand in the industry right now, Chaos and Pain. Who are seeing results from their efforts through expansion and a strong reputation, have confirmed yet another new supplement. With already three more products titled and in development, Cannibal Claw, Cannibal Alpha, and the interestingly named Cannibal Davinci. The brand have said that there is a harder hitting weight loss supplement expected to arrive sooner rather than later. There is no word on what the name of the fat burning formula is going to be or any of it’s ingredients, just that it is a step up from Cannibal Inferno. On top of the new product announcement, Chaos and Pain have also confirmed the coming of a third flavor for the pre-workout Cannibal Ferox. Unlike the brand’s second fat burner, the yet to be revealed taste has been given a launch time frame, with it due to be out by the end of the month.

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