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SuperPump 3.0 available at Muscle & Strength, Gaspari’s top ranked pre-workout valued at $33

Gaspari Nutrition's new SuperPump 3.0 now available at Muscle & Strength

On Monday it was confirmed that Gaspari Nutrition started shipping out their new pre-workout SuperPump 3.0. Yesterday we followed up on the news with our review of the supplement, that for those who didn’t hear, put the product in at

#3 on our top 10 pre-workouts list. Today we have SuperPump 3.0 in the spotlight once again, with what appears to be the first major retailer stocking the supplement, Muscle & Strength. The online store is currently listing the product in all three flavors, lemon ice, strawberry kiwi blast, and watermelon madness, with a price tag of just just under $33. If for whatever reason the 36 serving it too much of an investment, a trial size 6 serving is expected to be on it’s way. However there is no word on whether or not it will be available in all three flavors.

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