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No more posts for Gear Nutra, supplement companies have to sell supplements

Stack3d no longer posting about Gear Nutra

Gear is the company that we have been talking about since the Olympia last year. They are also a company that has yet to release a single product for about six months. There have been promises and pictures suggesting deals with the Vitamin Shoppe and GNC. However those deadlines have passed, and we are now at the point where we firmly believe Gear are not intending to put anything on the market. The list of supplements that they have previewed has almost doubled since we first introduced them. On top of Maxx Shock, E-Shock, and Pre Shock, the brand have promised Thermo G, ProProtein, and at the past Arnold Classic, a bucket product called PIGout Powder. While you are of course entitled to your own opinion we are just going to rattle off the things that have led us to believe that Gear is not actually a supplement company. Firstly, the brand did not give out samples at the Olympia when they launched. Their Facebook page has seen enough poorly photoshopped images to have us wondering if there even is a Gear office. As mentioned they have promised availability at the Vitamin Shoppe more than once over the past three months, with still absolutely nothing. We have been in talks with the brand to call and discuss things, however that has also seen promised deadlines missed. Lastly, and this is the one point that really says it all, they are just a company. From what we can tell, they have no supplements stocked anywhere, so they are not a supplement company. Due to everything that has happened, and what we have come to realize. Until further notice we have decided to stop posting updates and developments on Gear.

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