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Giant Pump contents and cost confirmed, Giant looking to do more than compete

Contents list confirmed got Giant Sport's upcoming Giant Pump

Definitely the more silent one of all the up and coming supplements is Giant Sport’s dedicated pump effort, tentatively titled Giant Pump. For those that have not had any experience with a pump pre-workout before. They are designed to be used by themselves or with most pre-workouts, to amplify or add a pump effect to your workout. Giant’s latest innovation has been put together to do exactly that, as well as become the best in the business. To do this the brand have included a total of eight different ingredients, agmatine sulfate, grape seed, norvaline, glutamine nitrate, na glycerophosphate, vitamin C, evodia, and glycerol silicate. All of which are expected to be transparently dosed on the product’s final label. To top it off Giant Pump is set to be available for a little under $30 for 30 maximum servings, going a step further than just competing with what else is currently on the market. While there has still yet to be a launch date or time frame set for the supplement. We can confirm that we will have a special pre-release review of Giant Pump for you next week.

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