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Giant Pump flavors confirmed for Australia, update on Giant Sports upcoming formula

Flavors confirmed for Giant Sport's upcoming pump pre-workout

The last we heard from Giant Sports about their next new supplement, was that it is a pump pre-workout designed to be both affordable and stackable. While we are still sitting on the coming soon time frame, and without any ingredients confirmed for the product. Giant have passed on a few flavors for the formula, temporarily and possibly suitably titled Giant Pump. The three tastes listed are pineapple, mango, and grape, and are set to make up the menu for the supplement in Australia. As for the US market, pineapple and mango are expected to be swapped for two other fruity flavors, not yet decided upon. Blue raspberry, orange, and watermelon are being thrown around, but it is only the tastes for down under that have been confirmed. Our next update will hopefully include a little more information, and we hate to spoil it but possibly a pre-release review as well.

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