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GNC’s new super natural Puredge Series, popular ingredients meet all natural intentions

GNC's new super natural Puredge supplement series

A company that actually has more supplements on their roster than some of the big names combined is GNC. They produce a lot of individuals, as well as a lot of complex formulas, and lines. The latest addition to their immeasurable collection of supplements is the new Puredge series. The small range is made up of just three formulas, Complete Amino, Daily Energy, and Complete Protein. While each product has it’s own intentions and highlights, the major difference GNC are promoting for the set are their all natural properties. The company list a number of benefits for the Puredge series such as no gluten, GMO-added ingredients, preservatives, sugar alcohols, banned substances, and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. As for some information about the supplements, Complete Amino features 5g of BCAAs, as well as equally strong doses of a few other aminos to help with it’s promise of replenishment. Daily Energy is the Puredge pre-workout, which delivers it’s effects with a combination of natural ingredients, and a whole-food based antioxidant blend. Lastly we have Complete Protein, a 24 serving protein powder claiming to provide a single full serving of fruits and veggies, as well as chia and CLA, with 5g of additional amino acids for post-workout recovery. GNC have just launched the Puredge range online, and are expecting to have all three of the products at your local store sometime this month.

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