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Additional details for Grenade’s new protein, upcoming Hydra 6 a exclusive

Additional details release for Grenade's upcoming protein Hydra 6

Just two days ago Grenade dropped the big announcement of their first entry into the protein powder market, with the 50/50 isolate/casein formula Hydra 6. While we were able to confirm most of the supplement’s details in our initial post, the brand have passed on a few additional points around it’s title, availability, and follow up. Firstly for those that were as lost as us about the product’s name. The Hydra 6 title is inspired by two things, a six hour digestion period, and the Hydra 6 weapon system keeping things within Grenade’s theme. The second fact is that the supplement is only going to be available in the US through it’s exclusive retailer, The third and final detail is that Grenade will be producing something similar to Hydra 6 if not identical, for European distribution due to be released sometime after the American edition. Of all three new facts, the last one is definitely the most interesting. As it actually makes Hydra 6 Grenade’s first product to be released in US before anywhere else.

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