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Game Day ready to take on the world, MAN modify their pre-workout for international distribution

MAN Sports put together an international version of Game Day

On most occasions supplement companies will make no mention of a formula change, edit, or any sort of modification. Whether it be good, bad, or even just for an alternate edition. One of the rare few that actually makes no effort in trying to hide any sort of change, is MAN Sports. This can be seen in their detailed announcement of the international version of their hit pre-workout Game Day. The product that is currently safely sitting in our top 5, has of course needed to drop some contents to make way for it’s wider availability. Compared to the regular formula the edited Game Day features almost all the same ingredients with the exception of dendrobium, rauwolscine, and black tea. Which have been dropped for AMP citrate and taurine. While we don’t know if the doses are the same as the US edition, it would be interesting to try the international and see how it compares. Especially since most, if not all of those getting the new Game Day may not have experienced the version that impressed us so much.

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