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Nature’s Best start teasing their latest recipe, mystery flavor expected to hit Zero Carb line

Isopure start teasing another flavor for their Zero Carb protein

Isopure, one of the most well known protein lines on the market. Last year received quite a few new flavors, and this year followed it up with a new 4.5lb tub. For 2014 the brand behind the popular supplement series Nature’s Best,

have started teasing yet another new flavor expected to be coming to their popular Zero Carb collection.

The name of the option has yet to be revealed, however the hint is that it’s a twist on a current premixed variant. Putting it down to a spin off of blue raspberry, grape frost, icy orange, coconut, or passionfruit. As the other RTD options are all shared with the powder. There is no word on when the mystery recipe will arrive, although this time the news is coming straight from Isopure themselves, not GNC. So it could mean the latest addition to the line is not an exclusive.

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