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New Amino Fusion contents confirmed, Lecheek Nutrition’s latest officially launched

Contents confirmed for Lecheek Nutrition's Amino Fusion

Today we finally have the contents for Lecheek Nutrition’s upcoming amino cocktail, Amino Fusion. The supplement has been teased for sometime now, with it’s first preview revealing an ingredient total of 6,949mg, 30 servings, and one flavor, maui orange juice. It’s second preview then confirmed the only other flavor for the product, the slightly less exciting cherry limeade. As mentioned we do essentially have the final preview of Amino Fusion, with it’s full facts panel. Starting from the top Lecheek have gone with 3g of valine, 1.5g of leucine, 500mg of lysine, 500mg of tryptophan, 250mg of histidine, 1g of betaine anhydrous, and an electrolyte blend of sodium and potassium chloride. For those curious as to why the brand went with the formula they did, in their words,

Leucine is the most abundant, and it works for building muscle by itself, but with a good dose of Valine and other EAA’s it works that much better. Everyone uses iso-leucine, but at such a small dose. So we left it out and gave the end user a larger dose of valine, lysine, histidine, and tryptophan to infuse GH levels while sleeping, and to keep the body at it’s proper state to grow. Which is stress free so it doesn’t produce cortisol.

On top of today’s complete facts panel reveal, Lecheek have passed on some more good news confirming the official launch of Amino Fusion. Fans can actually now begin to look out for the supplement at their favorite retailer, with some stores already listing it as in stock.

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