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Tough Mudder supplement confirmed, new MET-Rx performance Prime protein bar

MET-Rx confirmed Tough Mudder supplement as the Prime protein bar

Over the past week or so MET-Rx have been teasing a new product, bit by bit. Previewing three variants of a Tough Mudder supporting bar. The brand have now confirmed exactly what the snack supplement is, the protein bar Prime. In the words of MET-Rx it features ‘a precise balance of energizing carbs, fats, electrolytes, and amino acids from high quality protein‘. While the small vague list of highlights is all that has officially been released about the product. The recently uploaded sneak peeks do suggest three flavors for Prime. With what looks to be a banana option, possibly strawberries & cream, and something along the lines of chocolate fudge. Those guesses are purely based on what can be seen in the uploads from MET-Rx, and are expected to be corrected or confirmed sometime soon. As the brand is a big sponsor of this year’s Tough Mudder series, and are probably wanting to get their supporting supplement out there for all the events as soon as they can.

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