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Carnivor Mass menu moved to three at GNC, MuscleMeds mass fans get chocolate macaroon

MuscleMeds confirm chocolate macaroon for Carnivor Mass

Following the news from earlier today with the facts panel for MuscleMed’s upcoming pre-workout supplement NO Bull XMT. Comes another development from the brand revealing a third flavor for the Carnivor variant, Carnivor Mass. Currently the beef protein powder comes in just two tastes, chocolate fudge and vanilla caramel. Which have now been joined by an option that goes a bit beyond the straightforward selection of chocolate and vanilla, with chocolate macaroon. Like the two others the latest addition to Carnivor Mass does have slight differences in nutrition details. Featuring the same protein count at 50g, but with slightly higher fat at 3g (2.5g saturated), and lower carbohydrates and calories, at 119g and 690. MuscleMeds have yet to upload Carnivor Mass chocolate macaroon to their website or their official store. However the new flavor is already available from GNC at their usual price of $64.99, or $51.99 for Gold Card holders.

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