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MuscleMed’s full post-workout formula revealed, Secret Sauce facts panel details less than it’s label

MuscleMeds release the facts panel for their new post-workout Secret Sauce

In a day that is seeing more facts panel released then any other, we have the official formula behind MuscleMed’s exciting new Secret Sauce. The brand had already confirmed most of it’s contents with 5g of bioactive peptides, a 5g dose of 10:1:1 BCAAs, the 50g iSpike carbohydrate system, and the three form 5g CRE3 creatine complex. Outside of those main features Secret Sauce’s label doesn’t list too much else with just a handful of nutrition details in 4g of protein, 50g of carbohydrates (iSpike), 140mg of sodium, and a calorie count of 210. Other things that we can confirm include a serving size of 71g, which is made up of two scoops, at 20 servings per tub. MuscleMeds have also produced their very unique post-workout in two flavors, punch and orange. Unfortunately despite the release of the facts panel, we are still without a launch date for Secret Sauce. Until the next update check out the supplement’s full label below, which actually leaves out the detailed doses MuscleMeds have put on the face of their new product.

MuscleMeds Secret Sauce facts panel
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