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Muscletech preview their Essential Series proteins, Platinum 100% Whey, Casein and Iso-Whey detailed

Muscletech detail their three Essential Series Platinum proteins

Our first close up look at Muscletech’s Essential Series has arrived, with an image and details for three of the line’s 13 supplements. The products previewed are in fact the three proteins from the brand’s new range, Platinum 100% Whey, 100% Casein, and 100% Iso-Whey. Starting in the middle with Platinum 100% Whey, the 2lb 27 serving protein powder is due to arrive in a 2lb tub with five flavors, chocolate peanut butter cup, strawberries and cream, vanilla cake, cookies & cream, and milk chocolate supreme. As for it’s contents based on the vanilla variant, per serve fans can look forward to 24g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates (2g sugar), 1.5g of fat (1g saturated), and 130 calories. For those interested 100% Whey’s other ingredients section is without additional BCAAs or aminos, listing a protein blend of whey isolate, peptides, and concentrate.

The second supplement we can detail is Platinum 100% Casein, a protein powder just as straightforward as Muscletech’s other Essential formula. Like Whey, Casein lists 27 servings packed into a 1.8lb tub with slightly less flavors to choose from, with vanilla ice cream, gourmet milk chocolate, and strawberry shortcake. Per serving based on the vanilla variant the product features an almost identical make up with 24g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates (1g sugar), 0.5g of saturated fat, and 110 calories. The third and final Essential Series supplement is Platinum 100% Iso-Whey. It is yet another 27 serving protein weighing in at 1.8lbs with four flavors confirmed, gourmet milk chocolate, vanilla ice cream, strawberry shortcake, and peanut butter chocolate twist. It’s contents like Whey and Casein, are also close to being identical with 25g of protein, 2g of fat (less than 1g sugar), half a gram of fat, and 120 calories. Outside of the extra gram of protein, Iso-Whey does actually set itself apart from the other two a little more by featuring a 100mg digestive enzyme complex of papain and amylase.

Like the other 10 Essential Series products, Muscletech have still yet to announce a launch date or window for the trio of Platinum protein powders. However seeing them detailed and imaged before any of the others does suggest that they could be arriving first.

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