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Pro BCAA arrives with competitive price, Pro Series product strikes at Supplement Central

Optimum's Pro BCAA lands at Supplement Central for $24

We recently saw Optimum Nutrition launch their first three Pro Series supplements direct, with the updated Pro Complex and Pro Gainer, as well as the entirely new formula Pro BCAA. As many would have guessed, their prices were not overly exciting, just like every other brand that sells their own products. Now however, with the Pro Series supplements beginning to make their way out to stores, there are much better offers on the table. While the two reformulations Pro Complex and Gainer, are likely to just replace the positions of their predecessors. Pro BCAA is the new product, and the one that’s price will be more revealing. The first place that has shown up with that very Pro Series entry is Supplement Central, who have listed it at $23.95. A far cry from Optimum’s direct price, and a value as competitive as we hoped the brand would bring. With a total of 20 servings per tub, working out to be 40 scoops. Pro BCAA does more than compete, packing a cost per gram of BCAAs that even beats out Muscle Pharm’s 50 serving Amino1 by almost 40%. That is of course based only BCAAs, but keep in mind Optimum have included their own dose extra ingredients with a 5g hit of glutamine per serve, and a Phytoblend made up of grape seed and red wine grape extract. As mentioned Pro BCAA is currently available at Supplement Central for that very pleasing price of $23.95, and is expected be hitting other stores soon with a similar value.

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