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Latest video on amino acid spiking, Sean Nalewanyj’s spreading awareness on the controversial protein issue


Fitness coach and best selling author Sean Nalewanyj is the latest person to come out and help spread awareness on the issue of protein spiking. The no bullshit adviser has posted a video covering the topic going into detail about what amino acid spiking actually is, and how to avoid it. For those that are unaware, in short protein spiking is where a brand adds in more cost effective ingredients, usually amino acids. To raise a product’s nitrogen value and allow it to list an amount of protein not actually using complete sources. In some cases company’s even spike with creatine, and advertise it as a muscle building additive, one of the marketing tactics Sean goes into detail about. The writer and entrepreneur does a great job throughout the unmissable seven minute video, leaving no stone untouched, and even recommending some spike free formulas. If you are thinking this isn’t something we haven’t seen before, the more attention the subject gets the more likely people are to stay away from the guilty supplements. So be sure to do your part and share the video or at least watch it, and for more information on Sean drop by his website.

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