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Beef protein due to fit in with four new formulas, Side Effect Sports detail their upcoming Primes

Side Effect Sport preview their upcoming Prime supplements

The last we heard from Side Effect Sports, was when they introduced their premium beef formula Prime Protein. It was definitely exciting to see the brand take on the mainstream supplement category. However what was more interesting was that the product looked nothing like any of their others. That puzzle has now been solved, as Side Effect have revealed four new supplements all using the word Prime in their title, Prime Blast (pre-workout), Prime Fuel (intra-workout), Prime Cut (fat burner), and Prime Amino. As well as a label layout a lot more in tune with the brand’s previously out of place protein powder. While none of the flavored products appear to have made it to stores yet, Side Effect Sports have uploaded images, descriptions, and facts panel for each and everyone of the four to their website. For now they do all seem to be just for looks, but when they do finally arrive. With what information has already been made available, fans should be more than up to speed with the mostly transparent supplements.

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