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Full badge collection available for use, show off your success in gold, silver or bronze

Official Stack3d charts badges now available for use

Earlier in the year we posted our finalized badges for our top 5 brands of 2013, as well as our top 5 fat burners, pre-workouts, and Protein Wars finalists. We now have the remaining badges for those supplements on the top 5 multi-vitamin, recovery, and muscle builder charts. Whether you are a brand interested in showing off your placing, or a store after additional promotion of a product, they are available to use. There are of course some conditions to their use, firstly the images used need to be up to date. So if the supplement it’s supporting is knocked from 1st down to 3rd, the badge needs to be swapped from gold to bronze. Secondly, Stack3d needs to be referenced in some way, whether it be through a link, description, or some sort of text. And finally the images must not be re-sized unless otherwise agreed upon. To make the set of badges a little more accessible, we have uploaded all 18 of them to our charts section and linked them to the position on the list they belong to.

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