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TruNutrition rebranded as Body Nutrition, updated website teases Magic Pudding for March

TruNutrition Sciences rebrand themselves as Body Nutrition

Trutein is definitely one of the more popular protein powders available, known for it’s quality, value, and great tasting range of flavors. The brand behind the formula is TruNutrition Sciences, or at least that is what they used to be called back in February. Over the past few weeks the team at TruNutrition have been phasing out old stock,

rebranding their products, and have now put the final touches on their website showing off their new title, Body Nutrition. Based on what the brand have released, fans have no need to worry about anything other than the name change, as nothing appears to have been done to any of their favorite supplements. That being said the updated website does list a new product due sometime this month, called Magic Pudding. To find out more on the upcoming protein pudding you can read what little the brand have written about it at, the new web address for previously TruNutrition, now Body Nutrition.

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