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Amino Rush powder 60% of premixed, VPX reveal the formula behind their Arnold amino

Formula behind VPX new amino formula Amino Rush BCAA 2:2:1

It’s almost been every day this week that we’ve had one of VPX’s seven new supplements to confirm contents for. With today’s formula reveal going to Amino Rush BCAA 2:2:1. The product that was one of seven previewed at the Arnold Classic, gave most of it’s details away in it’s title. Not only by suggesting that it had a strong relationship with VPX’s Amino Rush RTD, but also with the confirmation of a 2:2:1 BCAA ratio. Now that the facts panel for the supplement is available, we can tell you that Amino Rush’s two early indicators are all there is to it, as it features the same 2:2:1 BCAA ratio found in the premixed Amino Rush. The only real difference is that per serving of the powder edition, VPX have packed a 6g blend as opposed to the RTD’s 10g. Moving away from the product’s fairly straightforward contents, the brand have given their amino formula a total of two flavors, fruit punch and wild grape. As well as the common serving count of 28 per full size tub. Based on all of VPX’s other new supplements showing up in stores, we can’t imagine Amino Rush powder being too far away. Leaving just one more item to be detailed, the sequel fat burner Redline Incinerator.

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