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Cycle Support sequel Cycle Support 2.0, AI Sports update their overall health supplement

AI Sports reveal and release their new Cycle Support 2.0

AI Sports have revealed and officially launched a sequel to their healthy hormone balance supplement Cycle Support. The updated product is appropriately titled Cycle Support 2.0, and features basically the exact same formula with a few new additions. While carrying over all the original’s ingredients with things like red yeast rice, hawthorn berry, and saw palmetto, all at the same doses. AI have also thrown in pumpkin and grape seed extract, detailed as 240 and 150mg per serving. Outside of those two, and an edit to the milk thistle extract. Cycle Support 2.0 has kept over some of it’s predecessor’s flavors with raspberry lemonade and apple cinnamon, as well as introduce two more with chocolate and orange. While the brand have only just announced the supplement, it can already be found in a number of popular stockists. Currently we are uncertain as to whether or not 2.0 will replace the original, however on top of all their similarities AI do now have the new product’s predecessor on clearance.

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