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Thyroxagen due to join Alpha Cuts in weight loss category, Alpha Pro’s second weight loss supplement detailed

Alpha Pro Nutrition's upcoming weight loss supplement Thyroxagen

Alpha Pro Nutrition, a brand that over the past few months have really spread themselves out with their pre-workout Upload. Have unveiled a fresh new fat burning formula titled Thyroxagen. The supplement is due to join the still rather small Alpha Pro line up as the brand’s second weight loss product, with the other one being the soon to be released flavored Alpha Cuts. To help separate itself from Alpha Pro’s other entry in the category, Thyroxagen is looking to bring a more of a stimulant driven thermogenic experience, compared to Cut’s pre-workout and focus based. To help deliver it’s results Alpha Pro have packed their most recently revealed supplement with a number of ingredients including highlights such as three forms of yohimbe, synephrine HCl dosed at 13mg, and the always appreciated caffeine. If you would like a look at Thyroxagen’s complete facts panel, we have uploaded it below. However the label does appear to be the closet anyone is going to get to the product for some time. With no exact word on when Thyroxagen will be available, not even a ‘coming soon’.

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