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Details on updated BCAA MusclePhyx unclear, American Muscle with another reformulation

American Muscle confirm an update for their BCAA supplement MusclePhyx

With no word just yet about what the brand have done to their BCAA supplement. American Muscle have confirmed that following the recent reformulation of their pre-workout formula Havok. They are looking to launch another reformulation with an updated MusclePhyx. As mentioned American Muscle have not said anything about what has been changed in the BCAA, just that it is new and improved. An enhanced flavor system is another thing being promoting, although like the product’s other highlight it also doesn’t tell us anything. Despite the lack of information available for MusclePhyx 2.0, if you are interested in the supplement American Muscle are actually giving the updated formula away. While there is of course no release set just yet, simply like, share and comment on the brand’s Facebook post and you may not need to wait for it to launch.

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