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New category titled set of supplements, introducing the upcoming Androgenix Labs

Introducing Androgenix Labs and their three new supplements

Androgenix Labs is a fresh new supplement company set to start showing up in stockists quite soon. To kick things off the brand are looking to launch with a straightforward line of just three products, a pre-workout, BCAA, and fat burner. If you are wondering what each supplement is called, Androgenix have decided to simply name them after their categories, Pre-Workout, BCAA, and Fat Burner. Being an entirely new brand, there is no information available for any of the three formulas outside of the preview images, which do actually giveaway some details. Starting with Pre-Workout, Androgenix list a 4.2g serving, three flavors on it’s menu, and effects such as pump, energy, and strength. Next is BCAA featuring a 2:1:1 ratio, another three flavor menu, and a 30 serving tub. The third and only other product Fat Burner does have slightly more information available, confirming a single capsule serving with three of it’s ingredients named, AMP citrate, dendrobium, and n-acetyl l-tyrosine. Androgenix will most likely have everything revealed in time for the line’s release, which is expected to be going down in about six to eight weeks.

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