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Innovation Series blacked out with 7 bottles, App Nut preview their Pure Series opposite

Applied Nutriceuticals teaser their upcoming Innovation Series

Last year at the 2013 Olympia Expo, Applied Nutriceuticals confirmed that they had 14 new supplements on the way. In the months following the brand didn’t really make any attempt to come through on that promise. Until however this year when they teased, revealed then released their six piece Pure Series. While we still don’t know if App Nut are done with the single ingredient line, news of another range has surfaced titled the Innovation Series. The name and side by side comparison for us does suggest that the upcoming line is either more complex than the Pure Series with multiple ingredients. Or a set of individuals with rarely seen ingredients. Either way, at this point our guess is as good as yours. The only other detail we have to go off is the blackened image, which does in fact feature seven bottles. Putting the brand spot on with their 2013 talked about total, if you include last year’s Beta Test. Unfortunately there is no release date for App Nut’s Innovation Series, with just our favorite launch time frame listed, ‘coming soon’.

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