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Platinum proteins hit Supplement Central, Muscletech’s latest best purchased from

Muscletech's Platinum protein powders show up outside

When launched Muscletech’s three Platinum protein powders almost two weeks ago, it quickly got our attention. The main reason we were so interested was not because they arrived with surprisingly competitive prices. But because was the only store listing the supplements, with no one else even teasing them as coming soon. Our concern was that they may be exclusive, however as expected the limited availability for at least Platinum Whey and Casein has come to and end. One of the more on to it stores out there Supplement Central, are now showing two of the three products in all flavors and both sizes. Unfortunately with the wider distribution has not come any competition as’s prices are in fact all better, with Muscletech’s 5lb Platinum Whey more than $10 cheaper. To make competing even harder the popular online store are also currently running a promotion on the exact two Supp Central have just got. Offering 50% off one tub, when two tubs of Platinum Whey or Casein are purchased. While there is no word on when ISO-Whey will be landing outside It looks like the store that launched Muscletech’s Platinum proteins is going to be the place to go to get any one of the three.

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