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Third Platinum protein powder arrives at, Muscletech’s Essential Series 100% Casein launched

Muscletech launch their third Platinum protein powder at

Last week Muscletech launched two supplements from their Essential Series, with the Platinum protein powders 100% Whey and 100% ISO-Whey. Both products were a part of the first three the brand originally previewed a while back, although the third one that was not made available last week, has finally arrived. Muscletech’s Platinum 100% Casein can now be purchased from the store that released the other two, Like the others the Essential Series arrival has confirmed the value of the casein protein powder seeing the 28 serving 1.83lb tub set at $31.99, and the 55 serving 3.75lb at $52.99. The other thing worth pointing out is that with the Platinum Casein launch. have also put together a promotion to help introduce the Essential Series protein powders. The deal is 15% off 100% Whey, 100% ISO-Whey, and the latest one to hit shelves 100% Casein. There is no end date listed for the special, however it would be best to get in quick especially with the 67 serving 5lb Platinum Whey down to $42.49.

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