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Four Cannibal Alpha ingredients confirmed, Chaos & Pain’s test booster expected second

Chaos and Pain reveal four ingredients from Cannibal Alpha

Chaos and Pain have partially detailed one of their three upcoming supplements, the sex aid and testosterone boosting Cannibal Alpha. Following the complete detailing of the caffeine free fat burner Cannibal Claw, the emerging brand have named four of the main ingredients in Alpha. From highest concentration to lowest the product will feature d-aspartic acid (DAA), tribulus terrestris, betaine anhydrous, and MACA. Chaos and Pain will of course be keeping things consistent and transparently dosing all of Alpha’s ingredients, however for today’s preview we are without exact weights. As mentioned the last product the brand confirmed the contents of was Cannibal Claw, which is expected to be the first one of Chaos and Pain’s upcoming three to be released. With that in mind we can only assume Cannibal Alpha is due to follow Claw, with Cannibal Davinci coming in last.

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