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Third and final Cannibal Davinci detailed, Chaos and Pain look to brighten your day

Chaos and Pain detail their nootropic formula Cannibal Davinci

While we have seen almost all we need to see from Cannibal Claw and Cannibal Alpha. Chaos and Pain have been rather quiet about the other supplement of their’s on the way, Cannibal Davinci. The beautifully named product has now had it’s full formula

revealed confirming seven ingredients with aniracetam and mucuna pruriens at 500mg each, oxiracetam at 400mg. Acacia rigidula, alpha GPC (50%) and picamilon all at 200mg each, and 150mg of b-phenethylamine. Chaos and Pain list a number of interesting highlights for the supplement such as improved mood, enhanced color and sound, as well as improved memory and verbal fluency. Coming from any other brand possible effects like those may sound a bit unbelievable. However since we have yet to try a product from Chaos and Pain that is ineffective, and have already experienced their one of a kind ability in the mind accelerator Cannibal Genius. We have no reason not to believe that Cannibal Davinci is going to deliver as advertised.

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